Winslow Cemetery Landslide Latest 

Town officials in Winslow are still waiting to find out what caused a massive landslide along the Sebasticook River.In the two weeks since the land gave way a geo-engineer has been hired to help solve the problem.The results were expected to be revealed sometime on Thursday, but town manager Mike Heavener says the engineer might be given more time to gather information.There’s a cemetery directly above the landslide area. “There’s not a whole lot we can do right now,” Said Heavener. “In talking with the engineer it’s believed at least at this point that the cemetery itself may not necessarily be in jeopardy because it’s sitting on a plateau. So in the short term we’ve got time. The first question is what caused the slide.”It’s estimated there’s only about 40-feet between the nearest gravesite and where the land let go.Next Era Energy removed the halifax dam in July of 2008.If it’s determined that the landslide was the result of the removal, town officials say that Next Era will be responsible for fixing the slope and any damage to the cemetery.