Potential Good News On Emotional Final Day At Bumble Bee Cannery 

Today was the last day at work for folks at the Bumble Bee sardine cannery in Prospect Harbor. On the bright side a potential buyer for the facility may have been found.The workers here knew this day was coming, but now it’s a reality. The bumble bee sardine cannery in Prospect Harbor has packed its last sardine here.Eleanor Hammond has worked at Bumble Bee for the past 27 years. She says today the reality of the cannery’s closing has finally hit her. “Yeah at first it was like nah they’re not really sure you know, but it’s true it’s been quite an emotional 2 weeks,” she said.”Well it’s sad but I’m trying to have a good outlook you know,” says Bumble Bee worker Lynn Robbins, “not cry and to go on happy.”Lela Anderson has worked here for the past 54 years. “Sad to be leaving…sad.”There just may be some hope for the workers here. On this very day when the plant shut down Governor Baldacci announced an unnamed seafood processor has signed a non-binding letter of intent to buy the cannery. The hope is the new company will finalize the deal by mid-may. First preference for jobs would be given to the workers here. The hope is these folks could be back to work by August. Bumble Bee has also said they’ll extend cobra medical benefits to their workers until a sale is finalized. Word of the potential sale has already reached the workers here.”Yeah we’ve been hearing that but I’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch,” says Teresa Giles who’s worked at Bumble Bee for nearly 5 years, “I’m gonna take a few days off and regroup my mind and take it from there.””They say maybe in August there might be something but I don’t know,” Hammond adds, “if they do I’ll probably be back I hope. I’m gonna hold off on looking for a job just in case.”If the sale does happen Lela Anderson says she’ll be back. “I’ll be 79 but I plan to come back for awhile,” says Anderson, “who knows? a lot of things can happen between now and then.”