Four High School Track and Field Teams Make Cameron Field Home 

For years, Bangor’s Cameron Field was the track and field practice home for Bangor and John Bapst. However, with new tracks being built at Brewer and Hampden Academy, their track teams have been practicing at Cameron Field. Four schools, all practicing at one facility. It’s different but they make it work.It’s a strange site to see the track and field teams from Brewer and Hampden Academy practicing at Bangor’s Cameron Field.Chelsea Gillies – Brewer Track and Field”It’s a lot different, I miss the track at Brewer because it was so much closer.”Alley Becker – Hampden Track and Field”The biggest surprise has been not getting shin splints because our track last year wasn’t made out of the same material.”For Hampden its their first year at Cameron Field, but for Brewer its their second.Steven Rice – Brewer Track and Field”Last year was pretty rough because it was ike running on your enemies turf, it just felt really awkawrd.”The logistics require the schools to bus over their students for practice.Dave King – Hamden Academy Coach”It hasn’t been bad, most of our practices are at 4:30 and the kids all come back to school at quarter to 4:00 and pile on the buses, it hasn’t been a problem at all.”Even though they are rival schools, everyone appreciates Bangor letting them practice at Cameron Field.Justin Collins – Brewer Coach”Its a really great facility, they just resurfaced this track so we dont mind coming here at all. Its an inconveniencem but its not unappreciated. Its certainly a good thing.”The first meet of the year in the Penobscot Valley Conference is next Friday, April 23rd. The location of that first meet? Bangor’s Cameron Field.