Bangor Parks Director Preparing for Kenduskeag Canoe Race 

The water levels look pretty good at Six Mile Falls today. The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race is this Saturday and we’ll televise the event from the famed Six Mile location.Tracy Willette was checking out the water at the falls today. The Bangor Parks Director has just been given the State Parks and Rec Service Award. Willette has been working in Bangor for 11 years after serving in the same capacity in Waterville. Willette also finds the time to umpire high school softball and football. He’s a local coach and is on several committies and boards. He’s also very good at his job.Tracy Willette – Bangor Parks Director”The umpiring and the officiating, its one more chance for me to be in the community and do things. I enjoy doing the coaching, I enjoy that now. I have my own kids and I can get into it at that level as well, I’m fortunate with my family that I can do all that and still do the work that I enjoy doing.”