Allergens Getting Worse? 

Spring is in the air, and it’s a problem for about 25 million Americans who have seasonal allergies.A new report from the National Wildlife Federation says many allergy triggers will worsen because of climate change.Maine is one of nine states identified as hot spots for significant increases in allergenic tree pollen if global warming pollution increases.Tree pollen is the most common cause of spring hay fever. “What we have already have seen is some amount of global warming over the last 10-20 years,” Said Dylan Voorhees, the clean energy director at the Natural Resources Council of Maine. “Actually tress are putting out pollen earlier and later already. What this report shows is that a large amount of unchecked global warming is gonna significantly increase the amount of allergies we’re gonna suffer.”Organizations like the Natural Resources Council of Maine are counting on Senators Snowe and Collins to lead the way on clean energy and climate change legislation.A bill is set to be heard in congress next week.