Destination Imagination 

A group of students from Milford have the opportunity to represent their school at the Destination ImagiNation “Global Finals” in Tennessee.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they need your help to get them there.This group of girls from the Lewis Libby School in Milford are part of Destination ImagiNation.They have been chosen to compete in the “Global Finals” in Tennessee.”So they work together to build teamwork and they also work to problem solve. Think creatively and outside the box when coming up with solutions.”Team leader Jessica Corkum says it’s a great educational tool.”I think it’s very important. It gets them thinking above and beyond just skills or content.”While these girls make it look easy, they say there are some challenges.”We have to fit in some kind of weird, wacky super power to save or get rid of. We don’t know who or what it’s going to be. We don’t know what the super power or endangered species is going to be. So we just have to fit that all together in just seven minutes.”Some of the girls get to play a human prop. They all agree it’s a fun part to have.”It’s really actually kind of fun you get to act like that thing and it’s almost like you can put your own mind into the phone or a glacier as me and her were once.”Before the girls can get to Tennessee, they need to raise $6,000.”Tonight during our book fair we are doing a bake sale and tomorrow at school they are also doing a bake sale. This Saturday we have two parents that will be driving the girls around to collect bottles. And we have some long-term plans for penny wars between our homerooms and possibly an auction.”Corkum says you couldn’t give an opportunity like this to a better group of kids.”They’re fabulous. They are so excited and motivated and curious. They work well together as a team.”Teams from several other local schools have also won the right to attend the “global finals” in Tennessee.Groups from the Cohen School in Bangor, the Weatherbee School in Hampden, Orono Middle School, and Narraguagus High School all need help with fundraising too.For a complete list of the winning schools, log onto