Waterville Vandalism Reward 

Police in Central Maine have noticed a disturbing trend.So far this year, twenty-five vehicles have been broken into in Waterville.Police say fifteen of those have been ‘smash and grab’ burglaries, where windows are busted out of cars and valuables are taken. In most cases, purses were left in the vehicles.Flyers have been printed to warn residents.For the first time ever, a $250 reward is being offered by the police department for information leading to the arrest of the thief or thieves.According to Waterville Police, “These incidences have been occurring mainly in large parking lots. They’re occurring in broad daylight, in early afternoon to early evening hours, when there’s a lot of foot and vehicle traffic and we want people to know when they’re going into go shopping or in their doctors offices, they don’t want to leave that stuff lying around in their car.”Most recently, the culprits have targeted upper Main St. and Kennedy Memorial Dr.Police encourage businesses to hang reward flyers in their windows. To download one, log onto