Paralyzed Searsmont Man Teaches A Lesson Of Hope 

A freak accident earlier this year left a Searsmont man paralyzed. He was told he would probably never walk again, but, he vows to be back on his feet within two years.Imagine what it would be like if your entire life changed in an instant. For Nick Defrancesco of Searsmont, that’s exactly what happened to him in February. “Yeah one day I was in the best of health and then I find myself lying there and I can’t move my feet or hands,” he says.Defrancesco and his partner Trish went to the Belfast Curling Club to enjoy a day off together when the unthinkable happened. “I slipped on the ice and evidently hit my head and wound up with a couple of vertebrae crushed.””We all looked and saw Nick lying on the ice and went to his rescue and called 911,” says Trish Defrancesco, “we knew it was serious because he couldn’t feel anything.”Defrancesco was taken by Lifeflight to Eastern Maine Medical Center where doctor’s diagnosed him a quadripalegic and told him it was unlikely he would walk again, a notion Defrancesco refuses to accept.A little more than 2 months later, with the help of therapy, he’s already starting to show progress. “I can move my legs, my arms, and chest, and everything. my fingers need more work and I need to bear more weight on my legs and I’ll probably be walking again.”Defrancesco credits his friends and family for his positive attitude…a benefit supper is scheduled for may 14-th at the Tarritine building on Main Street in Belfast. He’s hoping to be able to move to a facility in connecticut to continue his rehab.For now, he remains upbeat as he deals with what he calls, just a new challenge in his life. “There is hope,” he says, “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”