Books for Bikes Program 

A program at Veazie Elementary School is helping students’ minds and bodies.As Meghan Hayward tells us, they had quite the incentive to take part in the program.It’s called Books for Bikes.The program is sponsored by the Master Mechanics Mason Lodge in Orono.The rules are simple. The more books you read, the better chance you have of winning a bike.”It’s a fantastic, positive thing for everybody involved. The kids win bikes, the teachers get the kids to read and we get involved in the community. It’s all a win-win situation.”Last year, the Mason Lodge gave out 17 bikes. This year it’s 42.”We went out and raised more money. We got donations and the money that some of the guys donated, we had enough to buy 42 bikes and 42 helmets also.”Brother and sister Chris and Sarea Toothaker each won a bike.They both say they were pretty surprised.”Very excited because my family has very bad luck we barely win anything. So it was surprising that me and my brother both won.””I was so shocked. My brother this morning, I said what do you think if one of us win a bike and he said with how unlucky we are we probably aren’t going to win a bike.”Sarea says she’s glad her school took part in the program.”It’s a really great program. I thought it was really good for them to come in and actually persuade people to read more. It teaches kids a lot more to read.”There are other schools involved in the Books for Bikes Program.”We did the the Kenduskeag Elementary School and tomorrow we’re doing the Asa C. Adams School in Orono.”This is the first year Veazie Elementary participated, but they hope to take part again next year.”I very much hope they’ll ask us to continue with the program. I thought it was a great success and really appreciated it.”