Some Newburgh Residents Not Shocked By Theft of Town Money 

Many residents of Newburgh were surprised to find out their former Deputy Treasurer, Cindy Dunton, is accused of stealing nearly $150,000 dollars from the town. However some Newburgh residents are not at all surprised by the news. Jim Leavitt has lived in Newburgh for 68 years,”I was totally shocked to be honest with you,” he said, “I’ve known cindy and her husband for 40 years, probably longer, it’s hard to believe.”But for some folks the news was hardly a shock. Chris Yountz says he and a few others have been looking into the town’s finances for awhile now and they were confused at the things they found. “I started just looking at town reports and nowhere in the last six years did the expenses on the select board report and the expenses on the treasurers report, nowhere did they match,” says Yountz, “they were off as little as $27,000 and as high as $202,000 and nobody in the office thought that was strange.”Yountz says they continued to find more discrepancies and the group planned to confront the select board with their findings at a town meeting on March 13th. He says town officials announced on March 12th that they had planned to do an audit of the town’s finances. The final results of that audit won’t be known for a few weeks. In the meantime in addition to former town treasurer Cindy Dunton, town manager Nancy Hatch has also resigned. TV 5 has learned that Hatch was elected first select woman in Clifton on march 20th. Neither Dunton nor Hatch returned our phone calls today. Yountz says he has some questions for the select board of the town. “I just can’t believe there’s people in that office that are sitting there saying well there’s no way I could have caught it, I did.” Town officals say they’ll present their findings to the District Attorney’s office and criminal charges could be coming. “If there’s anyone who should be punished they should be, if they should go to jail for awhile maybe they should,” says Leavitt.