Lincoln News Readies to Start Printing Again 

It’s been five months since the Lincoln News building burned down, destroying everything in that newspaper and print shop.Monday morning, employees showed up for work in their brand-new building, and they say it won’t be too long before they’re printing there again.For folks who love the Lincoln News, it’s a welcome sound. Soon, their weekly paper will be printed here again.”That beat and hum. We’re looking forward to hearing that.”Print Manager Reginald Hustus says it’s been a short five months since the fire. They’ve been busy replacing everything that keeps their business running. This new printing press, they found used in Indiana. It’s taken a month to get it set just right.”We’re about to 85-percent. They’re shooting to try to do the paper next week,” Hustus says.Since the fire, printing has been handled by the Ellsworth American, while Lincoln News employees worked out of borrowed space next door.”The local people look forward every Wednesday to their local paper and we haven’t missed an issue. So hopefully we’ll keep that up,” Hustus says.”We did well, we didn’t skip a beat.”Office Manager Laverne Carll has worked for the paper for 42 years. Monday morning, she was happy– and thankful– to take a seat at her new desk.”We want to thank the Hartland Builders for getting us in here so quickly. And everyone else who was involved in getting us in here,” Carll says.The paper is one of the few remaining in the state to do their own printing in-house. Folks here say they’re looking forward to continuing that tradition.Hustus says even though they lost everything, it’s a chance to start fresh.”It was sad at the time, but I think in the long run we’ll have newer equipment, that’s faster and has more capability,” he says.They hope be back up and printing the Lincoln News– about 65-hundred copies– next week.