Surprising News Revealed at Newburgh Town Meeting 

Newburgh residents received shocking news at an annual town meeting Saturday morning.First Selectman Leonard Belcher told more than 100 residents that former Town Deputy Treasurer Cindy Dunton has admitted to having taken 147-thousand dollars in funds from 2007 to 2009.Belcher says she did so by manipulating the warrants once they had signed them.He says Town Manager Nancy Hatch also resigned.Belcher says Hatch knew it was going on during the last part of it and did not let them know what was going on.The town has already spent $14,000 on the audit, which Belcher says is expected to cost the town up to $40,000.Belcher says there were a lot of gasps from residents when the information was revealed at the town meeting.And he says now they must move forward.” Well we number one learned by our mistakes. Number two is to do exactly that move on, find a new town manager. Work with either the interim deputy treasurer we have now or again hire a new one. Or basically what the new town manager will want to do because it’s up to them to fire and appoint people.”Belcher says the final report should be ready in several weeks and will be made public.