Star Touring and Riding Bangor Chapter 

A new motorcycle group to the area got under way in Orono Saturday.And Meghan Hayward caught up with the bikers to see what it’s all about.Friend and Friend in Orono had some extra motorcycles and people at their store.It was the kick-off event for the Bangor Chapter of Star Touring and Riding.” Before a chapter for Star Touring and Riding becomes official we have to read our chapter which is a license agreement between the organization and association start and the chapter.”Bangor’s chapter will be the second in Maine, the other one is in portland.” There really aren’t a lot of groups that welcome any kind of motorcycle. Any kind of experience as far as your riding experience and don’t discriminate against people for what they ride or who they are. So all that together really spelled community for me.”While Star Touring and Riding is about having fun.They also ride for charities and veterans.” How we can work with the veterans and help them in any way. The Touring and Riding Association is the leader for Feed the Children.”Area Coordinator, Vicky Blanchette says they do a lot of work to try and improve the stereotypical motorcyclist.” We’re not all Hells Angels or outlaws. This is just regular people in our daily lives riding motorcyles because we love it.”Some folks who belong to the Champlain Valley Vermont chapter made the journey to Bangor in support of the new chapter.” It’s exciting to have a new chapter. Support, when we did our chapter signing we had people from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.”They say they are happy to welcome the new chapter into the family.”The comradery. People to ride with. Everyone’s got the same attitude. You want to go out ride and have fun and that’s what it’s about.”