Parenting Retreat 

A place for relative caregivers to mingle with folks in similar situations and relax for a bit.That was what the Maine Kids-Kin Agency offered Saturday.It was a parenting retreat where these folks could learn new parenting techniques and talk to folks who know what it’s like to raise a granchild, niece or nephew.Maine Kids-Kin Director, Barbara Kates says there about 11,000 children in Maine living with their relatives and not their parents.About 15 families attended the retreat.Kates says there are struggles that come with relatives raising children instead of the parents.And she says the more support they can get, the easier it will be.” Well one of the things is the relatives typically didn’t plan for this to happen. Grandma and Grandpa weren’t sitting around saying I can’t wait for the grandchildren to come and live with us to stay. Ofcourse, they love their grandchildren and want them to visit but they didn’t really plan for this piece to happen.”” They all have different stories to tell. We all have something that’s so familiar. A problem they’re having could be something we’re dealing with and we can glean from them.”If you would like to find out more about this program and the workshops they offer you can can visit their website call 1-866-298-0896.