Maine Wing Conference 

More than 100 Civil Air Patrol members attended the Maine Wing Conference in Bangor Saturday.The annual conference is a time for all the members to get together and celebrate their accomplishments for the year and mingle among each other.There is also training that takes place.Commander of the Maine Wing, Dan Leclair says they have saved the state of Maine a lot of money this year by doing fire watch flights for the Maine Forest Service.Leclair says they have patrolled the skies and Maine woods to look out for forest fires on an unpaid volunteer basis.He says they also assist the US Navy in escorting ships out to sea.Civil Air Patrol pilots participated in an all-day seminar to sharpen their skills and make sure they are staying safe.Leclair says they look forward to conference every year.” It’s important to have a Wing conference on an annual basis to recognize our members and also to keep our skills sharp so we can do the things we do for the state of Maine.”” This weekend we’re actually doing the firearm training stimulators at the Air National Guard Base. That’s been a highlight on everyone’s calendar for awhile. We’ve all wanted to do that so it’s a good bonding experience throughout the Maine Wing.”If you would like to get involved with the Civil Air Patrol you can contact Dan Leclair at 626-7830.