New Technology a Great Aid Doctors Say 

Health care providers say using new technology to manage their patients’ medical information results in safer and better care.On Thursday, folks from around the state gathered in Bangor to talk about what’s working for them in a rapidly changing field.They looked at national trends in health care information technology and shared ideas with representatives from the business world.Those using it say this technology helps provide more consistent care and takes out a lot of variables. “It’s truly amazing what we’ve been able to accomplish in rural Maine,” Said E.M.M.C.’s Chief Medical Information Officer Eric Hartz. “We’ve been able to embrace information technology, win the most prestigious health care technology aware in the country, and continue to be in the top 5 percent of using health care information technology to improve patient care.” Hartz says with good information technology programs, they can put more rules in place, making sure patient care is carried out safely.