Music Man Jr. Plays in Brewer 

The Next Generation Theater is getting ready to put on another production. They’re performing the Music Man Junior.The play is set in 1912.A traveling salesman visits River City, Iowa, and while he’s there he meets a spinster librarian and falls in love.It’s a storyline that everyone can enjoy, and it features some great music.34 area kids are involved in this production. “It’s been really great so far, because we have kids all from kindergarten all the way to eighth grade,” Said Taylor Libby, the director of this production. “So there is a huge age gap, but seeing where al of their experiences come from and being able to work with them from this young age puts a lot of experience under their belt.”There will be evening shows on Friday and Saturday nights. Curtain up at 7pm both days. There are also matinee shows Saturday and Sunday at 2 pm.Tickets are $3 for students and $5 for adults.