Health Providers Look Into Child Opiate Addictions 

Health experts say about four hundred babies born in Maine last year were addicted to opiates.It’s a problem that’s not lost on the folks at MaineGeneral Health.Speakers from across the country have been brought to a 2-day conference in Waterville to share their experiences with addicted, and pregnant, patients.Clinician Judy MacKenzie says in recent years she’s seen more women with drug dependencies in Maine.Her goal is to provide treatment and ensure a healthy delivery. “We’re talking about methadone.” Said Judy MacKenzie from MaineGeneral Medical Center. “Mothers on methadone treatment in our area. And bufrenorphine is another drug women are in a treatment program for, but there are also many women who are taking narcotics either prescribed for other pain management problems or certainly those illicit drugs that moms find on the streets.”The conference is sponsored by Maternal Child Health Services and MaineGeneral Medical Center.