Fundraiser for Hermon Food Pantry 

There’s an effort underway in Hermon to build a facility for people in need.It will have a food pantry, soup kitchen and an emergency shelter.But the folks behind the project need a little help to make it happen.Volunteers with the Neighbors Supporting Neighbors food pantry in Hermon, are used to handing out food to those in need, but today they’re picking up platters full of food.They’re getting ready for Saturday evening’s fundraiser which will include entertainment by the Beecher Boys N Girls Hillbilly Band, and lots of tasty dishes donated by 26 area restaurants.”It’s all you can eat. Might as well not go to one restaurant when you can go to one place and get every restaurant you could imagine.”The folks at Bugaboo Creek in Bangor are providing their famous smashed potatoes, while Jimmy Vardamis is offering up chili, chop suey and haddock chowder.”Tough times, the community needs more help than when it’s good times. You can’t get much tougher times than it is right now.”The folks at Neighbors Supporting Neighbors have seen that need first hand. They now serve 315 people from Hermon, Carmel, Etna, Levant and Dixmont but they want to do more. Land on the Billings Road was donated for a new building that will include a food pantry, soup kitchen and emergency shelter.”There’s been many a times that I’ve needed help and no place to go, and this way we’re gonna make sure these people if they need a place to go we’re there for them.”But they need to raise about $20,000 to start construction on the facility, hopefully this summer. Saturday’s fundraiser gets them one step closer to that goal. The Variety Show and Dinner with the Beecher Boys N Girls Hillbilly Band is planned for Saturday Night at Hermon High School.The dinner featuring dishes from 26 restaurants will kick off at 5:00 PM. Then, at 7:00 PM the show will begin.Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12.For more information contact Carol 299-5186 or [email protected]