Workers At GE In Bangor Win International Competition 

Some workers at GE Energy in Bangor have come up with a better idea, one so good, it’s captured top prize in a worldwide competition. The group of 9 workers build steam engine components at the Bangor GE plant.Part of that job required using a 16 pound sledge hammer to hammer locks into place. The workers came up with a new invention called the lock driver that does the same job and eliminates the need for a sledgehammer.After winning an internal competition against 195 other GE facilities, the group entered an international ergonomics competition in San Antonio, Texas recently and brought the trophy back to Bangor.Kevin Leonard was part of the team that created the new innovation. “It was great,’ says Leonard, “I knew I wasn’t going to have to swing that hammer any more so that’s good for me and good for all the guys on the team.”Their invention is also saving time and money. The workers on the team say it lets them hammer the locks in place in about 15 minutes, something that used to take around 4 hours.Officials at g-e tell us the lock driver will save them around $33,000 per year.