New Workouts for UMaine Football Include Yoga 

UMaine football began early morning spring football workouts today. Its back to work getting ready for the fall season. Their off-season conditioning has included a variety of workouts and now they have included two months of yoga.Jack Cosgrove – Maine Football Coach”Its been positive how do we measure? I don’t know see it down the road overall presentation.”Levi Ervin – Maine Linebacker”Its completely different that what we do athletically but as we get better at it I think we feel like we’re getting gains from it definatly.”Des Randall – Maine Wide Receiver”This is a whole different flexability than we’re used to it hits spots that we’re not used to stetching muscles and this helps get the kinks out.”Jeremy Kelly – Maine Wide Receiver”Little bit different from throwing the weights around and running more flexability and stretching.”Leslie Forstadt – Yoga Instructor”I’ve been getting feedback and a number have said that there is an increase in flexability and they’re getting in mental relaxation and awareness.”