Bucksport Art Show 

Folks can check out the artistic talent of students in Bucksport this evening. They’re hosting their annual Student Art Exhibition. Every student who takes art classes will have their work on display. We’re told there are hundreds of pieces including paintings, drawings, sculptures, 2-D, and 3-D work.Tonight’s event is open to the public. Holly Bertrand, the art teacher at Bucksport High, says it’s a great opportunity for the community to see what the students have been doing. “It’s just a celebration of all of their talent and that’s why we like to have the public come and really see as variety of work and I think the talent is pretty amazing, what students can create just ya know, in half a year.”Tonight is also Step-up night for 8th graders. The students have a chance to visit the high school and see what they’ll be working on next year as freshmen.