Spring Cleaning Could Lead To Cash In Your Pocket 

Have you ever found something in your house and wondered whether it was valuable? David Peroff makes a living answering that question. He’s a buyer for Blackthorn Estates, a company that buys gold, antiques, and all sorts of other things people find laying around their house.”I was in Las Vegas last week and a guy came in and threw a bag at me and said this is all junk and he had a watch in there that I paid him $5000 for,” said Peroff, “so that happens sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes.”This week, Peroff is in Bangor. Anyone curious about whether they may have something of value can pay him a visit at the Hampton Inn. “You can bring your stuff in,” he says, “you can have us take a look at it. There’s no obligation. I give you an offer, if you want to sell it, I pay you for it, if not, we’re still friends and you can take it home.”Peroff says he buys all sorts of antiques. He makes around 10-15% profit selling the merchandise, usually in Europe and Asia. He says there’s one thing that’s a hot commodity everywhere. “Right now, it’s just gold,” he says, “everybody is selling their gold. Diamonds are down for the first time in history, small diamonds because everybody is selling that stuff so the market is just flooded out there. Larger diamonds are still holding their own but everybody is just selling their stuff that they’re not wearing for extra money in this economy.”To avoid buying stolen merchandise, Peroff says he requires people to fill out a police report stating the merchandise is theirs. “If they won’t do a police report, I won’t buy it,” he says.He’ll be at the Hampton Inn in Bangor Thursday from 9:00-6:00 and Friday from 9:00-1:00.