Live Look as Local Drivers Gear Up for Racing Season 

It won’t be long before local stock car racing begins around the state. This Saturday at Speedway 95, many of the cars that run at the track will be on display. Tim Throckmorton caught up with one driver in Carmel getting ready for this weekends car show.We’re hear at Elstons Speed shop and here with Becky Elston and I guess the whole idea is to make the car look good cause you got a show coming up this weekend. Yeah we have the show coming up at Speedway 95 on Saturday from 10 til five and I’m having both my cars last years car will run in little enduro and this years car will run in ladies, you have two cars because of a potential wreck, kind of two cars in case something goes wrong win one and if something goes wrong I’ll run it in little enduro. Who is doing your lettering here? Thats Chuck Downes.Nice Chuck what are you putting on the window here? We have Elstons Speed shop decal names and numbers and you do this professionally? I do the company is CR Decals and we’re located here in Bangor. I guess if you have anything to do with cars you have to be able to advertise on the spot like that. That’s right gotta be looking good. Hey broken glass… Hey glass isn’t my department. Hey Chuck Becky have a good racing season. These cars on display at Speedway 95 this Saturday from 10 to 5. Thats it from here in Carmel getting ready for racing at Speedway 95 back to you.It’ll be a car show and flea market saturday. A pass race is scheduled for the following weekend.