Stetson 2 Wind Project Now Up & Running 

Folks gathered in Danforth today for a ceremony that marked the completion of the Stetson 2 wind project.A crowd that included state and local officials, business and community leaders, and students from the East Grand Middle School were on hand to cut the ribbon on the 26 megawatt expansion that will add an additional 17 wind turbines to Stetson Mountain. “This is really exciting,” says Jackson Parker, President & CEO of Reed & Reed Contruction. “It’s especially exciting to see the school kids here. they’re seeing first hand what wind turbines do.”Shelby Lindsey is an 8th grader East Grand Middle School and saw a wind turbine up close for the first time on Tuesday. “I didn’t expect them to be as big as they are and going inside them, that’s cool but I wouldn’t want to be the one caught going up the ladder.”Now that this project is complete, it’s estimated Stetson 2 will produce enough electricity to power 9000 homes annually. Stetson developer First Wind, a Massachussetts based company, has already started selling the electricity that these turbines will produce. “Harvard University has actually contracted with us to buy half of the output from Stetson 2 over a 15 year period,” says First Wind CEO Paul Gaynor.Stetson Mountain now has 55 turbines. Maine construction company Reed and Reed did the work on the project. “Wind power is more than half of our business and five years ago it was zero percent and I know some of our sub-contractors have come to depend on wind power as a way to get out of the recession and move on,” says Parker. There were no opponents of wind power at the ribbon cutting. I spoke with some of the people who protested at the groundbreaking for this phase last November and they reiterated their displeasure with the project.