New VA Clinic in Bangor 

Togus VA broke ground today on a new VA Bangor Community-Based Outpatient Clinic.It’s a seven million dollar project, and will replace the existing VA clinic on Hancock Street.The new facility will be a 29,000 square foot state of the art building, located at 44 Hogan Road.Brian Stiller, medical center director for VA healthcare systems in Maine, says in addition to primary care, mental health, and lab services the clinic will offer other services, including audiology, dental and physical therapy.Stiller adds, “Providing this super clinic, if you will, expanding the services closer to home just speaks volumes abuot our commitment. And it happens because the veterans aren’t afraid to tell us. They’re not afraid to say you have to speak up to be heard, and get the services they’ve earned.”If all goes according to plan Stiller says they hope to have the clinic ready in Novemeber.