Men at UMaine Join White Ribbon Campaign 

Folks at the University of Maine, especially men, are being encouraged to wear white ribbons this week.It’s part of the White Ribbon Campaign, getting more men to show their opposition to violence against women.Students set up at a table at the Memorial Union, where they’ll be every day this week from ten to two.Along with handing out ribbons, Brendan Carr with the Safe Campus Project says they’re starting conversations, encouraging men to look at their own behavior with women.”We have cards we have people look at and it asks questions about how you interact with women– if you maybe dominate conversations, if you’re rude, or if you treat women disrespectfully to begin with. Because if you can check yourself first, then it’s a lot easier to set an example that will affect others,” he says.Carr says some men aren’t aware that actions they perceive as joking with women can have more serious implications.Wednesday, they’ll be asking men on campus to sign pledges against violence as part of the project.