Job Corps Meets the Candiates 

Penobscot Job Corps Academy students had a chance to meet the candidates today.For several years the folks at Job Corps have been holding events like this one in an effort to make young people aware of political issues. This year they invited the gubernatorial candidates. Organizers say they held the event a little earlier than they normally would, because of the primary in June.Students say it’s a great chance to really learn about what they’re voting for.”We’re really the up coming generation that going to decide what our future is going to look like. If we don’t get out there and learn what going on, how are we going to know how to make an informed decision?” says 21 year old Cydnie Flowers. “This will help other people get involved because you actually get to meet the candidate yourself and you actually get to learn exactly what you’re voting for and what voting is all about.” adds 19 year old Aaron Koss. The folks at Penobscot Job Corps plan to hold another Meet the Candidates event closer to November.