Bangor Police Warn of Cell Phone Scam 

Bangor police are warning cell phone users not to talk to scammers, calling for personal bank information. Police say in the last couple of weeks, they’ve received a number of reports from people who’ve gotten automated calls on their cell phones. The callers ask for bank account numbers, among other personal information.Police say least two people have fallen for the fraud.Sargeant Paul Edwards says your bank will never ask for information like that over the phone, so don’t give it out. And if you do, report it right away. Edwards says “If you are compromised, if you’re like hey, I messed up, I gave that out, don’t feel embarrassed and not tell anybody. But by all means, call your bank immediately and let them know you’ve done this. They may ask you to call police. It’s up to you – you can also report to police. But call your bank first.”That way the bank can cancel your account and avoid any fraudulent charges. Edwards says police have seen this scam before, but this time the caller’s number is showing up on phones with a “331” or “336” prefix. If you do get a call like the one described, you can also report it to your cell phone company. For Fairpoint Communications, that number is 1-866-641-7475.