A Hampden Elementary School Goes Greener 

A School in Hampden is going a lot greener.And as Meghan Hayward tells us, they just received a large amount of money to help the cause.” Well the green team is kind of to get kids motivated on helping the Earth to be a better place and change it to be more environmental and to get it a little more green.”The Green Team at the Weatherbee Elementary School in Hampden is student run.With third through fifth graders taking part. They just recently found out some exciting news. They received a $15,000 grant from Earth Day Network to purchase and install solar panels on the school’s roof this Spring.” Once the panels are installed the kids will be able to monitor the energy that is being used and generated from the solar panels so then we can track that energy generation and compare it to different times of the school year and also previous usage prior to the solar panels.”Revision Energy Company of Unity will be installing the panels during the school’s Spring break.The kids can’t wait.” It’s an amazing feeling. It’s taking a step, it’s taking the school somewhere it hasn’t been yet.”Members of the Green Team go around to classrooms and teach their peers about how to help the environment.They also have some different projects going on.” We’ve done light patrol, which is you turn off the lights. We give them a sticker if they have the lights off and no ones in the room.”The students say they hope the Green Team continues to expand in the future and makes the school even more environmentally friendly.” I hope it motivates the school and realize we have solar panels we can do more. We don’t need to rely on people to help us create a greener world.”