Veazie Fire Dept. Conducting Controlled Burns Saturday 

If you see smoke near the railroad through Veazie this Saturday, firefighters say you probably don’t need to worry.The Veazie Fire Department and the Maine Forest Service will be conducting controlled burns along the tracks between ten and six on Saturday, in a section from the town line down toward the Main Street bridge.The burns are paid for by PanAm railways as a way to keep the fire danger down, in case a passing train has a malfunction and the flames catch onto dried out brush or overgrowth near the tracks.”It’s a fairly high hazard area, at least in our town. We’ve had multiple fires, some fairly large in the past ten years. So it’s really important to try and reduce the fire load that’s along the track,” says Veazie Fire Lt. Nick Sirois.Officials say to be careful driving through Veazie on Saturday, and if you live near the tracks, they say to keep your windows shut to keep smoke out.The burns are contingent on the right weather conditions this weekend. We’re told they could also continue later in the week.