New American Citizens in Bangor 

Seventeen people from 14 countries became American citizens in Bangor Friday. They were officially welcomed at a citizenship ceremony with their families.One by one, in a federal courtroom in Bangor, they were called by name to come to the front, for a long-awaited moment.This day was five years in the making for Julissa Parisi of Winter Harbor. She moved here from Lima, Peru, to be with her husband, Anthony.”It’s really exciting. I’m really happy,” Parisi says. “I saw my friend crying and I was falling apart during the singer. Wow, it was magnificent,” Parisi says.She says there’s lots to love about her new country.”The people and the country here has many, many beautiful places,” she says. “She loves the shopping,” her husband adds, and they laugh.During the ceremony, the new citizens heard words about their freedoms and the laws of the land. They also heard about service, words John Abore says he takes to heart.”America is a great country and we are now in a great country. And I will do the best I can to serve the country,” he says.Abore comes to the U.S. from Sudan. His journey here has been long, but he says, worth it.”In southern Sudan, we’ve been at war for 25 years. So we’ve been in camps, refugee camps. We’re trying to look for a better life.”He was separated from his wife, Lillian, for several years until she could join him here in the states. Now they’re together again as a family, with two children.”We’ve been missing one another for a long time. But it’s a great thing she came and we are together now,” he says. Abore is working and he goes to school full-time.”I’m happy, so happy,” Lillian says.Like many of these new citizens, Abore says his family is happy to finally be pursuing their American dream.