Ancient Walrus Tusk Found in Orono 

An ancient walrus tusk that was recently found in Orono was on display for the public to see Friday night.The Orono Land Trust put on the event.The tusk was found by a volunteer of the land trust when he was doing work on a walking trail along the Stillwater River.The artifact was later sent to Midwestern University where it was confirmed to be a walrus tusk.Maine State Climatologist and UMaine professor Dr. George Jacobson says the artifact is proof of the climate change throughout the history of Maine.” It’s a great example of how things have changed since the last Ice Age. We’ve had many different kinds of forests. For awhile we even had ocean coverage in Orono, Maine and all the way up to almost Katahdin and this Walrus tusk is evidence of that kind of change.”The tusk will be incorporated as part of an upcoming exhibit at UMaine’s Hudson Museum.