Newport Home Destroyed by Fire 

A mother and her kids escaped their burning home this morning in Newport.Thankfully they, along with some pets inside all made it out safely.Fire fighters were called to Willow Drive a little before 7 a.m.We’re told a mother was giving her kids a bath, when she heard a loud bang.By the time she got the kids out of the tub, the trailer was filling with flames.Crews from Newport, Pittsfield, Detriot and Corinna tried battling those flames.”Wasn’t much we could really do other than extinguish it from the outside,” says Newport Fire Chief Jeff Chretin. “Three-quarters of the trailer was engulfed in fire by the time we got here. Wasn’t much we could do for it.”Fire fighters believe the furnace in the home somehow backfired, causing the fire.We’re told the family has no insurance.The Red Cross has been called in to help.