Local Woman Celebrates 105th Birthday 

There was quite a birthday celebration in Hampden Thursday.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the birthday girl has had quite a few parties over the years.”Nana is friendly, happy. She doesn’t worry and has many, many friends as you can see.”Those are some of the ways family members describe Edna Bragg.She’s 105-years-old. So what’s her secret?”Never worry, it doesn’t do a bit of good.”A party was thrown in Edna’s honor, featuring live entertainment and some tasty cake.”We had a big one when she was 100 and then each year we’ve had a small one with 60 to 70 people. This year the Hampden Senior Citizens have given her this party.”Edna grew up in Hampden and just recently moved to the Philip’s Strickland House in Bangor, where she’s picked up a new hobby.”She was telling me the other day at Philip Strickland she’s learning how to bowl.””Well if I can hit the balls, I think I’m lucky.”She considers herself pretty lucky to have this kind of celebration too.”Well I think it’s a party all right.”Family members are glad to be able to celebrate her birthday but most importantly, to have her in their lives.”She means a lot to me. When we were growing up, we lived four houses apart. She taught us how to knit, she taught us how to crotchet, she taught us how to quilt.””She enjoys life and that’s why she’s lived as long as she has.”