Kids In Prospect Harbor School Start Planning Futures 

Students in Prospect Harbor got an inside look at some of the career opportunities that will be available to them when they finish school.For the students at the Peninsula School, the day was about laying the foundation for their futures. “I love it!,” says 8th grader Brianna Mitchell, “it’s fun. We had it two years ago and it was really, it was different.”The kids heard from all sorts of different people about what they like and don’t like about their jobs. A game warden was on-hand to talk to kids so was Nick Woodward from Maine Public Broadcasting. Kids got a look at a wide range of job possibilities which was just what Guidance Counselor Mary Knowlton was hoping for. “We have a wide variety. We started this morning and we had a veterinarian and a doctor. This afternoon we have someone from the military coming in. we’ve got the news here too.”When the day was half way through, some of the kids had a good idea of what they may want to do for a living.”My favorite was the warden, being able to be outside and work with your hands,” says 8th grader Torre Newenham.The faculty hope the kids got a realistic look at what life in the working world is all about. “They’ve learned there’s more to the job than it might seem,” says Knowlton.