Science and Music Came Together in Bar Harbor 

Science and music came together Wednesday in Bar Harbor.As Meghan Hayward tells us, some high school students got an inside look at the job of scientists and then performed for them.It was a day full of science and music for some students from John Bapst Memorial High School in Bangor.They got a tour of the Jackson Lab in Bar Harbor, then performed for the folks there.”And it’s so connected. Everything needs to be precise. It needs much repetition like research does in order to find the phrase and musical sentence.”They say some research shows music education can enhance the learning of math and science.These students got to see how high-tech imaging equipment works and learn about the lab’s summer student program.”I was really interested in the way the microscope works and they were talking about the medical research they were doing and I was really interested in why the mice were made to be genetically identical and people are not.”Students say they see how music and science can work together all the time.”I think music is an important part of everything. I use it in my daily life. For math equations or even science formulas I’ll make up little songs to remember them.”This isn’t the first time the lab and high school have teamed up.John Bapst helped the lab get a piano for employees to use.”So this is our celebration of the instrument we’ve been talking about having ever since they were talking about getting it.”Students were happy to perform and say they hope they can collaborate with the lab in the future.”It should be a lot of fun. Jackson Lab has done a lot for our school in the past. And it’s good to come back and perform and keep strong ties in the community.”