Maine Troop Greeters Recognized 

The Maine Troop Greeters have been welcoming troops to the Bangor International Airport since 2003. Just last week the greeters hit a milestone, they welcomed their millionth troop to BIA.Earlier this evening there was a special event held at the airport for the troop greeters. They were honored for their great efforts over the years.The greeters meet every troop flight that comes through BIA – whether it’s the middle of the night or mid-afternoon.Tom Kohl, chairman of the board for the greeters, appreciated this evening’s event. “It’s always nice to be thanked. The troops thank us everyday, but when your friends and neighbors, and obviously the airport administration and al of the government officials come through and offer their thanksgiving, that makes it kind of special.”General John Libby says the greeters in Bangor are truly a unique group. He says although there are troop greeters in other cities, nothing can compare to the tremendous commitment and effort of the Maine Troop Greeters.