Brain Injury Awareness 2 

Each year in the U.S. more than a million people suffer a traumatic brain injury, and it’s estimated many more are never diagnosed.Brain injury can have far reaching effects on the family and friends of those affected.”It’s a parent’s nightmare to get that early morning call at 4-30 in the morning”Lewis and Clara Lamont got that call back in 1993. Their son, David had been in a car accident was not expected to survive.”I never gave up. I sat by his bed and I talked to him for hours, we both did.”David did survive, but he would have to struggle to recover from a traumatic brain injury, for him that meant learning how to walk and talk again.For the Lamonts that meant a crash course in everything involving brain injury.There’s another message they all want to get out. Do everything you can to prevent a brain injury.”Put those helmets on those kids and buckle up, and slow down.””Just prevent it all costs. It changes your whole life. It changes who you are and how you think.”For more information on Brain Injury you can log onto the Brain Injury Information Network of Maine at www.biin.orgAnd you’re interested in getting a copy of the DVD contact Renee Guerrette at The Aroostook Medical Center at