Senior Nursing Students at UMaine Receive Special Training 

Senior nursing students at the University of Maine received some special training Tuesday.As Meghan Hayward tells us, the idea is to get them ready to respond to any type of disaster across the country.The nursing program at the University of Maine has teamed up with the Pine Tree Chapter of the American Red Cross, which is providing health services response training to senior nursing students.”It builds capacity for any of the chapters across the United States depending where these nursing students land after they graduate. But they will be leaving this class with the ability to volunteer or deploy as an American Red Cross Health Services Response person.”Gretchen O’Grady with the Pine Tree Chapter says this certification isn’t usually offered to students before graduation.The training is free.”We partnered with Eastern Maine Healthcare Charities and Eastern Maine Medical Center and they printed up all the materials for the students.”Students were given different scenarios they might face as a health services responder.”Deploying outside the state, that tends to be in shelters or service centers or being out on an emergency response vehicle and going door-to-door to people who have experienced a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or wildfires in their areas.”Megan Moody says she’s happy to have this opportunity.”The Red Cross always needs volunteers. There are not a lot of nurses right now. So they’re trying to gather more nurses to volunteer to help out with the health services.”It’s the first year for this collaboration, and everyone involved says they hope to be able to continue the partnership.” The school of nursing thinks that it’s key that we do help meet this strategic priority for community health education by continuing this collaboration.”