Ellsworth Church Close To Getting New Home 

A church in Ellsworth has moved one step closer to rebuilding after a devastating fire back in 2008. For the folks who belong to the Church of Life and Praise in Ellsworth the wait has been nearly two years. Back in July of 2008 many of them watched in horror as the church they helped to build went up in flames.Rev. James Heard has been the pastor at the church since 1968. “Most of the old building was done by volunteers,” he says, “when it was burning down we looked at the building and we could remember, ok I can remember putting that rafter up, I can remember putting that piece up and we saw it burning. I think that was the most devastating, the fact that here we are we put it up with our own hands and now we’re watching it being brought down.”Reverand Heard has been the pastor here since 1968. He says the old church had stood on this very site for nearly 35 years. “Actually I think people right now will have memories of the old but we are excited, more excited about the new and looking forward to the new. I mean you can only live in the past just so much but you’ve got to look forward to the new.”The new 14,000 square foot facility will have all sorts of new features to offer the parishioners as well as the entire Ellsworth community. “It’s gonna have a youth room, it’s got educational rooms, a fellowship hall entrance etc. so we’re excited about what’s taking place. It’s all together different than the old one.”They hope to have the new church completed by the end of the year.