Maine Maple Sunday Celebrations 

Sunday was a chance for maple producers to show off the sweeter side of Maine.The fourth Sunday in March is traditionally known as Maple Sunday.Maple Sunday is a day that’s celebrated at maple farms all over the state. For the folks at the Nutkin Knoll Farm in Newburgh it’s a sign that spring has arrived here in Maine. “It’s the first harvest of the season on farms in Maine,” Said Len Price, the co-owner of Nutkin Knoll Farm. “It’s traditionally a great way for people to get out, get the cabin fever behind them. Get out and see that things are moving and spring is coming.” “It’s nice because it’s local and it’s a nice outdoor activity, a Maine Spring activity,” Said Renee Light of Hermon.Farms all over the state opened their doors to give the public an inside look at how syrup and other maple products like cotton candy are made. “We made some maple syrup a little while ago,” Said Marcia Gray of Glenburn. “Last week boiled off six gallons, we just tried it and got this little tiny teeny bit so we thought we’d come out and see a big operation. And the kids have been interested in in maple syrup so that’s why we’re all here.” “It’s a good opportunity for the family to get together and be outside and just enjoy winter coming to a close and the mud of March,” Said PriceAround one thousand people visit this farm every year on Maple Sunday. For the folks who braved the chilly weather this year they got a chance to see all the products they make here. “Well so far the cotton candy is the best part,” Said Gray. “Well people are very interested in the process,” Said Price. “They’re very interested in the fact that you can drill a hole in a tree and make a product as a result of that, the sap. Many people don’t have an idea where our food comes from.”