Biomass Boiler Online in Kingfield 

In the current economy, many Maine families and businesses are looking for ways to cut heating costs.Monday, the Kingfield Elementary School debuted their new biomass boiler to the public.It’s expected to cut their heating costs in half.It was a dream five years ago and now it’s officially a reality.The new wood pellet boiler at the Kingfield Elementary School is one of three such boilers in the school district, that will not only keep students warm, but will save the taxpayers money says MSAD 58 Superintendent Quenten Clark. “We were buying about 120,000 gallons of oil a year and at two bucks a gallon, that’s close to a quarter of a million dollars. Pellets are about half that price, so the total of the three projects I think will save us over $100,000 a year. That’s a couple teaching jobs.”This new system is tied into the existing heating system so the warm air comes from a new boiler, but it enters the same way.That means they won’t be burning oil and will keep the money they do spend local.”If you use pellets, you are going to cut that by a little more than half and if you use chips, you’re going to cut that down to maybe 15 or 20 percent of that amount,” said Laura Colban the Founder and CEO of Skanden Energy, which is the company that installed the boiler. “Then you keep that money that you’re spending, it’s staying in Maine. It’s not going out of the community. A billion dollars every year that we spend on foreign oil, that’s a lot.”When you figure in all of the factors of the project, Clark says it’s a win win scenario for all involved”You know the environmental benefits, the economic benefits, the educational benefits. There’s nothing not to like.”Clark thinks that putting the investment into kids now, may make for a better tomorrow. “These kids are going to have to find a solution. Oil is not going to be cheap and available forever, so we’ve got to start doing stuff like this.”