Auction Day at Phillips-Strickland House 

At the Phillips-Strickland House in Bangor, the residents were talking about it all morning. Monday was auction day, and it was an auction with a special purpose behind it.”Five dollars, I have five dollars.”There were paddles….and bids…”Eighteen? Oh, I’ll go for it.”And a lot of laughs. The residents here have been waiting for this auction afternoon. For the past three months, they’ve been collecting one auction dollar from each organized activity they attend at the house.”It really started from encouraging them to come out and meet new people and join the activity program. So this is kind of an incentive to do that, because every activity they attend they earn an extra auction dollar,” says Linda Nickerson, activity director for the Phillips-Strickland House.”Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one…”Real-life auctioneer John Cheney came up with the idea when his mother lived in a similar facility. When she passed away, he continued the tradition.”I did it in memory of her. And then I came and talked to the facility director here and we decided to do it here,” Cheney says.Now he tells us it’s one of the highlights of his year, and the residents agree.”Oh it’s a competition sometimes because they have so much money to bid. And its fun to see them go back and forth and have a good time,” Nickerson says.Lillian Dunphy had racked up more than 150-auction dollars. She says she likes all the activities here.”They’re all very good. We have the exercises and the other activities which are interesting to us,” Dunphy says.At the end of the day, residents took home everything from teddy bears to a trip to the hair salon.”Sold, for twenty-four dollars.”Cheney tells us he plans to keep the auction going next year.