Missing 8-year-old Boy from North Searsport Found 

A more than three-hour search for a missing boy in Searsport ended happily Friday afternoon.Police say an 8-year-old boy wandered away from his house on the Seekins Road around 11 a.m. They say the boy had a disagreement with his mother and went outside, and when his mom came out to check on him, he was gone.Five wardens, a dog and an aircraft joined police on the search.We’re told a family friend spotted the boy after two Friday afternoon, thanks to his bright red coat.”It was an emotional time, the entire period of time for her, and the rest of the family, his brothers and sisters all came. But everyone’s happy now and that’s the most important thing, he’s safe,” says Searsport Police Chief Richard LaHaye.Folks who know the boy told police it wasn’t like him to do something like that.They say he was found not much more than a mile from his home, scared and cold but otherwise O.K.