“Pay Up” 

”Pay Up”—that was the chant from folks outside a bank in Bangor Thursday.Members of the Eastern Maine Labor Council and other groups were asking for good jobs and accountability from big banks.Matt Schlobohm, Executive Director of the Maine AFL CIO says they helped bail the banks out and now it’s the banks’ turn to help working families out.Schlobohm says it’s not right that big banks are paying out huge bonuses when working families are losing their jobs and homes.”We think by putting pressure on banks and what we want them to do basically is stop paying out such record bonuses, to start paying their share to create jobs because there’s an enormous job crisis. And to stop fighting to kill financial reform and start pumping money back into the economy so small businesses can create jobs, get loans and people can access that money.”Schlobohm says until the banks do their part to put main street back to work and stimulate the economy, nothing will improve.