Bangor Mom Concerned About Local Sex Offenders 

A mother in Bangor says she can’t believe she didn’t know that multiple registered sex offenders live in the neighborhood where she takes her daughter for childcare. Now she wants to spread the word to other parents. “It’s awareness. And I don’t think people are aware,” says Camille Morrison.Morrison brings her 11-year-old daughter to the Bangor Y and recently found out a nearby apartment building houses several registered sex offenders. She says parents should be better informed.”It concerns me greatly. If anything had happened, I would have been devastated. I would have felt so guilty,” she says.Laws don’t prohibit offenders from living near schools or daycares unless specified by their probation. Public notification is made at the discretion of local law enforcement. “If our department feels necessary, we’ll do a neighborhood notification that is based on other information such as how many prior convictions they have, age range of their victims or other information we have,” says Detective Erik Tall.Tall keeps track of Bangor’s roughly 200 convicted sex offenders.”There’s multiple apartment buildings throughout the city of Bangor that have more than one, multiple convicted sex offenders living in them,” Tall says.Near the Y, another registered offender recently moved in. We went with Tall as he made a notification. “We’re just doing a sex offender notification of the neighborhood,” he explains to Bangor Y CEO Mike Seile.Seile says they take the matter seriously, and want to do everything they can to ease concerns like Morrison’s. He says their staff is prepared for potential situations.”When we receive those, we have a file behind both of our welcome center desks, and we train our staff to review those files for facial recognition,” Seile says.Additionally, he says they screen their members.”For all new members and participants, we have them fill out an application prior to being able to participate in our activities and we do a sex offender registry check,” he says.Seile tells us they also use a special database to perform ongoing checks using national information. Morrison says while those steps are good, she wishes more could be done.”My biggest thing right now is to make every parent aware, and the Y too, aware that we need to be notified. We need to know. Don’t just pull up to the curb and say there you go,” Morrison says.Seile says other ways to keep parents informed is something they’ll discuss at an upcoming focus group with parents.You can access the Maine Sex Offender Registry online: