Some Brewer Sports Could be Cut 

Some Brewer athletic programs are on the chopping block.High school football cheering, JV cheering and middle school football are some of the sports in danger of being cut as part of their 2010 and 2011 fiscal year budget.Superintendent Daniel Lee says positions will also be cut too, including a second-grade teacher, five special education technicians and two library technicians.Lee says they have left sports alone for the last five years, but there is no way to avoid the cuts this year.Along with cuts, Lee says they are thinking about reducing police and ambulance coverage at high school athletic games.Lee says federal stimulus funds are being used to fill many of the holes this year.But he says those will disappear next year.” If Maine’s economy doesn’t change quickly FY12 could be a very, very difficult year. So this is not a 1 year budget. This is really a two, perhaps three year budget. So rather than just go along merrily until we fall off a cliff what we’re doing is our approach is taking us slow on a slow incline trying to reduce as we go along.”Lee says these are tough choices to make, but necessary ones.