Record Number of Murder Suspects at P.C.J. 

The Penobscot County Jail has broken a record. They now have six inmates incarcerated there who are charged with murder.Generally those inmates are placed into maximum security and are treated like all the other inmates. But Deputy Chief Troy Morton tells us that they do need extra planning to keep inmates, staff and the public safe.He says often times with high profile cases like these, the accused receive threats, either from the public or other inmates. “It’s always a concern for us. It’s not only our responsibility to protect the public from people who are incarcerated, it’s our responsibility to protect inmates who are incarcerated here.”Morton says it is difficult for the jail guards who not only have to be vigilant about safety, but also be willing to provide the inmates with their necessities.The six men charged with murder, have not been convicted at this point, and the guards always must keep in mind that in our justice system you’re innocent until proven guilty.