Rare Lobster Caught In Winter Harbor 

A lobsterman in Winter Harbor has made a rare catch. The lobster he caught has not only raised eyebrows around his community, but has also given him bragging rights.At the Winter Harbor lobster Co-op, they can see more than 10,000 pounds of lobster in a given week, so not many of them catch the eye of the folks here: that was until last week. Christopher Cowperthwaite was working on the dock when this rare red lobster was brought in. “It looks like it just came out of the cooking pot,” he says, “looks like you could crack it open and eat it right now. He brought it in about a week ago. Billie Faulkingham is the one that caught it. It’s just something else to see. It’s more rare than the blue ones. We’ve seen a few of those kicking around here.”At the Lobster Institute on the campus of the University of Maine, they do see a few different color variations in lobsters. The rarest are the red and albino lobsters. They say it’s a genetic trait that causes the color difference and there seems to be no other difference between the normal lobster and odd colored lobsters. “Their behavior looks like it’s the same,” Executive Director Bob Bayer, “whether it’s perceived by predators the same, we don’t know that, but their survival rate seems pretty good.”For the lobsterman who catches one, it’s like a golfer who sinks a hole-in-one. “It’s like they won a million dollars,” says Cowperthwaite, “no one else has really seen it. There’s a lot of older fishermen who have been doing this for 40-50 years and they’ve never seen anything like it.”The folks here say they’re not sure where this lobster will wind up. They say they may let it go or it could be headed to an aquarium. “In the meantime, we’ll feed it plenty of bait right there in the tank. it has a happy life it seems.”